Hairstyle 2014

Hairstyle 2014

hairstyles 2014

Hairstyle 2014, hairstyles for women 2014, hairstyles with bangs 2014, short hairstyles 2014, easy hairstyles 2014, black hairstyles 2014. Hairstyle 2014 human common name given to a set of hair on the head hair grows faster than the other bristle tufts . the hair , the growth rate of 0.3 mm to 0.4 mm per day . Each pause in growth and hair, as hair grows to be independent of each other bristle circuits spill. New born babies are all the hairs on the same circuit . For this reason, all of a sudden Hair Loss in infants is 2-3 weeks . Hairs hair scheme fits adults after 6 months

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Age , race, gender and hormones according to the different forms of hair occurs. For example, one of African hair and curl meyilliyken approximately 3-fold tissue takes place , and this rate is up to 11 times in uzakdoğulularda Hair, tend to be flat . This is because the hair , severing the adaptation due to natural conditions .

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November 5.Sebaköz bezFolikül root sheath of the hair growing in the building. Hair , skin , and hair yağlandırır producing oil in which the porous structure . Specific muscles in the parts outside of the porous structure takes place .

Pigments that give color to hair hair colors yellow, red and blue. the small yellow pigments , blues have the largest volume . Blue pigments of the outside , the inside has red in the middle and yellow . By chemical means, thus opening the hair before hair color kızıllaşır loses its blue color , and finally it becomes yellow . when proceeding white or very close to white tone can be obtained .

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The absence of pigment in the body , leads to the emergence of the situation called albino . Albino creatures , all the hairs are usually colorless.

Graying of the hair , the pigment that gives color to the hair dye is due to the decrease in time . not more than one whitening hair color changes , hair loss, and more resistant to black and white hair , is due to remain in .

Hair colors are defined , mainly blue colors or cool tones of ash , red colors are mainly referred to as gold or warm tones . Hair Color codes are composed of letters and numbers used in defining . The smaller the number the color darkens. Usually black number 1 , number 10 is used to describe a pale yellow hair . The letters are usually the type of the color of heat, cold , lilac , etc. . Used to specify .

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Ringworm hair loss hair disorders , such as may be caused by infectious diseases directly related to hair vitaminsizlik , fasting , diabetes , acute , such as hormonal disorders , may also cause the onboard any inconvenience . baldness , ringworm , dandruff , hair dazlaklık certain diseases.

Persons born albino hair pigment found in the body and all the hairs on their body is white, depending on the cause of hair loss is poured into a lot of people saçıSaç . Cause of hair loss treatment approach without being detected correctly achieved. For this reason, the spill is important to know for what reason.

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Hair loss can be seen in both men and women . Hair Loss is seen as more common in men , 25 % of men by the age of 25 , 40% of 40 to the age of 50 until the age of 50% of the impact.

male pattern hair loss , as can be at the top of the forehead and sides of the head cover completely all . In women, shedding more hair, manifests itself in the form of depletion .

Before starting treatment , the type of hair loss should be examined by an expert . Many diseases , hormonal, and metabolic disorders and nutritional effects can trigger hair loss . Such treatment is removed reasons never fully occur.

Ordinary hair loss, the hair itself, or external influences Life browsing, shampoo, washing , brushing, styling hair fall out work . Instead, the new hair out. Poured into 100 pieces of hair per day . Newborn babies and partial hair loss in pregnancy include the usual hair loss .

with stress -induced hair loss, skin diseases has long been known for the relationship between stress and mental events . Personal or psychological problems of People ailsel reflect problems in a dermatological problem . A spontaneous hair loss, skin problems also undermine an individual person’s body image , psychological distress , and even can lead to psychosocial adversities . In short, there are hair loss and stress in the relationship between the two types of

The first relationship with a neurotic mental structure, supported by the apparent organic cause , fueled by stress, hair loss may occur.

In relation to the second view, the person develops psychological reactions as a result of hair loss balding baldness is caused by a hereditary adamKellik , dumps her hair did not rise again . To view or use some other cancer chemotherapy drugs can also cause loss of hair to go again .

BC ‘s first medical description of andro genetic alopecia 4th century Aristotle also said he . The philosopher has described the relationship between baldness and sexuality . And Egypt in the time of the Ottomans was research on baldness . After many years worked in some of the research in this direction anyway , sterilized men and Abdul Hamid ‘ve detected kelleşmediklerini made ​​during the research .

The relationship between the male hormone androgen bald concerned. Which is an androgen hormone testosterone , dihydrotestosterone, DHT is converted by the enzyme alpha -5 -reductase . Shows the effect of DHT binding to receptors on the hair roots .

In recent years, among the people known as hair transplantation hair transplant technique has emerged as a method of the most important developments in the relieving baldness

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