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Google Chrome

Download Google Chrome 2014’s revolutionary web browser offers a myriad of great features . Download Google Chrome 2014 definitely deserves to be a notable browser .

Download Google Chrome 2014 ‘s download manager , hiding the identity of exceptional features such as scan mode , and synchronize bookmarks it has made an application that is already noticeable . Release more than 20 new features , it also includes several changes that make it more useful .

Google Chrome 2014

Chrome has a function to store passwords for sites that you visit and log in , for example , Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or any other web site where you are registered with a password to log in , it automatically saves your credentials and it can be in the areas of sign automatically when you get to the login page of the website.

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It has to be , therefore , a very difficult decision to choose a particular browser for your Internet tasks. Actually, you can not go wrong with any of the popular browsers today , but everyone has a few special features that give it an advantage over the other .

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chrome 11 download made ​​headlines when it offered here in the Apple Store and the mobile version of it, but the most popular among the browsers bec free app that enjoyed the maximum downloads in this category . However, there were many reports that Chrome was slower than Safari , which could be third party applications due to Apple’s restriction . In addition, the standard Safari browser on Apple devices , so you have to get it back when using such devices.

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You can miss the look on the desktop open a web browser version and download Chrome Chrome for your Apple device . You can also have the same experience on your mobile device have incognito . You can surf the Internet on your iPhone and other iOS devices without fear of leaving behind any history or cookies or data therebye offers a private browsing experience.

Download Google Chrome 2014 new features

Directly from the toolbar search capability , one of the best features of Download Google Chrome 2014 . Now called the Google Chrome 2014  free download Omnibox address bar offers several suggestions as you type . Contemplating how accurate the results , depending on the previously selected page can install Google Chrome 2014. Loading almost instantly popular sites like Facebook and Twitter .

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Now is google chrome 11 also a file that you have downloaded Google Chrome 2014 malware or contain anything that would harm your PC thinks you receive a warning . You ‘ve downloaded the file and finding the source server to the list of land is comparing sites . Download files from Google ‘s search potentially bad software If you are concerned about your privacy , you can disable this feature in your browser preferences .

Download Google Chrome 2014 Updates and Changes

In Free Download Google Chrome 2014, designed to enhance the user experience has been in various small updates . First of all, other browsers: Google Chrome developed to be more consistent page zoom function , now you can zoom in 500% now . In addition, you now have their own tab in the Print Preview item is not configurable dialog box appears. It also speeds up your workflow and print developing . The History tab in download Google Chrome 2014 redesigned . Now users do not want to appear , and even filter the domains domains provides abolish .

Also in addition chrome to updating the V8 JavaScript engine repairs are also made ​​more than a dozen security . In short , these changes have further accelerated the browser and making it safer use of the Internet .

In addition, the version 20 to the error -security patches contain a relatively large number , the improved security vulnerabilities . As a result, the latest update to download Google Chrome 2014 , which will make your browsing experience more secure .

download Google Chrome 2014

download Google Chrome 2014

download Google Chrome 2014 extensions

Last but not least an update contains changes to extensions : Firefox extensions that users can now rivals ( and in most cases are better ) download Google Chrome 2014 extension is not only a number , the more technically inclined users can take advantage of improved extension APIs . Thus, there is an idea , even easier to create your own extension .

Popular browsers , such as Firefox or Internet Explorer to switch to the old thinking of the future download Google Chrome 2014 browser we recommend all our hearts !

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Google’s fast internet browsers, download Google Chrome 2014 is clean and minimalist interface is a great browser that combines a variety of powerful tools .

Simple, attractive interface
The same keyboard shortcuts in Firefox
Browse by hiding the identity of mode
extension support
Synchronization of data between different computers
Omnibox address bar, front loading
You need a Google account to sync feature.

download Google Chrome

download Google Chrome

download Google Chrome 2014